Greig Clark

Greig Clark profile photo

Greig was on Trails’ founding Board in 1992 and returned in 2019. Best known for building the multi-million dollar College Pro Painters from 1971 to 1989 and winning Canada’s Entrepreneur of the Year in 1980, Greig has a deep understanding of how to build successful enterprises.

Greig acted as Chairman of the CRC/40 Oaks (2007-2013), during a time of huge growth, building a $22 million development, which includes 87 units of affordable housing and a Community Hub.

Greig believes that using private sector ingenuity to view social impact programs leads to the most effective strategies to breaking down the systemic barriers for marginalized communities.

Greig can be found playing hockey three times a week, canoeing with his wife Carolyn and their 6 children, or tackling Social Injustice issues at his church.

HBA in Business Administration: Richard Ivey School of Business Administration at Western.