Alumni Testimonials

Micah Nelson

Trails challenged me by taking me out of my comfort zone and pushing me to my edge in order to grow. I experienced things that I would never have experienced otherwise. I was a bit shy but I was forced to step up and take leadership roles within my group and with the younger kids as a LIT. I experienced things such as challenging canoe trips, high ropes course, polar bear dips in a cold lake, completing my Bronze Medallion and hours of community service. Trails also challenged me by challenging my way of thinking and conditioning by expanding my mind and worldview.

Micah Nelson, Graduate 1997

Brooklyn Pena

Trails challenged me in ways that pushed me to be the person I am today. I acquired transferable skills throughout the program that has allowed me to grow in life. I was challenged on the water, on high ropes courses, as a leader, as an individual.

Brooklyn Pena, Graduated

David Nguyen

Trails made me reflect deeply within myself to discover my strengths and weaknesses.

David Nguyen, Graduated 2017, Student

Ally Mac Menamin

Trails challenged me not only physically but mentally. It challenged me to be vulnerable and made me realize the person I wanted to be.

Ally Mac Menamin, Graduated

Brad Cosburn

I want to thank you for all you have done. It is far more than you know. A lot has happened in the past 5 years. My mom died right before I came to Trails and my Aunt died of cancer when I was in year two. I was put into foster care but changed homes five times. I am now adopted and live in a stable home but through all that Trails has been the one thing that has always been there for me.

Brad Cosburn, Graduate 2013

Holly Definney

Trails put me in the driver's seat and taught me how to lead.

Holly Definney, Graduated

Augusta Jones`

Trails encouraged me to push myself beyond my comfort zone of remaining silent and passive in group discussions and decisions to collaborate with others and at times to lead.

Augusta Jones, Graduated

Truzaar Dordi

If the analogy holds, that building a strong foundation brick-by-brick raises well rounded adults, Trails constructs walls. There is no single brick that defines Trails contribution in the lives of its Alumni, but rather, a cascade of bricks that, together, foster individuals with the confidence, charisma, and character to redefine the world around them. Fundamentally, Trails has instilled the value of initiative in me. It is the confidence of knowing that acting on your ambitions can make them a reality.

Truzaar Dordi, Graduate 2009

Romona Goulbourne

A big part of Trails is taking initiative. Taking a leap of faith (figuratively and literally). Trails dared me to be bold and more outspoken.

Romona Goulbourne, Graduated

Daniel Setoodah

Trails challenged me to get out of my shell and interact with people that I would not have had the chance to without this program. Trails have also made me a better person by challenging me to look internally and self-correct my behaviour.

Daniel Setoodah, Graduated