Community Testimonials

Christine Cater

Trails has become our children's second family. It has taught them confidence to face life's challenges and equipped them with the right tools to get through tough times. These experiences had an immeasurable impact on who my children are today and their future successes.

Christine Cater, Parent

Hong Lam

Trails has not only taught my children survival and outdoor educational skills; it provided an opportunity for my children to have one weekend a month to de-stress, to spend four years making friends. Many times I have needed the help of the mentors at trails to talk with my children.

Hong Lam, Parent

Mr. Hiren Patel

I recommend Trails to our students because of the chance to build their conflict-resolution skills and social/emotional skills and to be a part of a community that will nurture them to reach their full potential.

Mr. Hiren Patel, Teacher

Davey Rose

Trails has taught my children to be more confident in their everyday choices and decisions and to be equipped to not be influenced by peer pressure. It is a home away from home where they are safe, happy and comfortable.

Davey Rose, Parent

Anja K. Belter

The commitment that Trails makes to its kids is the commitment that our kids need – they need to know that they have a caring adult who is on their side for the long haul.

Anja K. Belter, Principal