Trails Dion Bursary for Post Secondary School

Trails graduates are eligible to receive funding towards post-secondary school from the Danielle Dion Bursary, which has supported countless Trails graduates since 2001 including 37 students during the past year. The fund was established in April 2000 in memory of Danielle Dion and is generously managed by Sylvain and Marie Dion. The fund financially supports post-secondary school tuition costs and aligns all recipients into the Mentorship Program. 


Lari-Ann Convery
Participant Coordinator, Bursary Committee



The Bridging the Gap Bursary is for current participants who require funding so that they remain in school and achieve their goals. 

Funds may be provided for extra costs for resources that will contribute to the mental, emotional and physical well-being of the participant to relieve financial stress on their family. Resources might include: tutoring, sports clubs, certificates, counselling or other support networks.

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