Brighten the Trail Ahead

The trail behind us has been rocky and uncertain – this year more than ever – but our kids continue to show resilience and strength as they face and overcome challenges. We are so grateful for the community that stood behind us as we navigated this new way forward. And what is on the trail ahead for our vulnerable youth?

We are committed to remaining a guidepost for 100% of our participants, whether they can attend in-person programs or not. We know that food scarcity, precarious living situations and systemic poverty will not disappear with a vaccine; and yet, with your help, we know the future can be bright for all our kids.

Will you make a gift this season to
brighten the trail ahead?


Any Amount

Greatest Need


Any amount for Trails to use where needed most.

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Holiday Celebration Craft

Give Joy


Holiday Celebration “In a Box” for 3 participants or alumni.

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Gift of Warmth

Give Warmth


Warm winter toques for 2 Trails participants.

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The Gift of Nutrition

Give Nutrition


Food delivery to a Trails participant and their family.

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Give Learning


5 hours of virtual tutoring for our participants.

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Give Meals


15 meals provided during on-site camp program.

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Give Comfort


Outfit 2 participants for the cold weather this winter.

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Give Support


Check-in phone calls for 15 participants.

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Virtual Trails

Give Connection


One month of virtual Trails for all participants.

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Give the Outdoors


In-person day camp program for 10 participants.

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Give an Education


Post-secondary bursary for one year for one student.

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Trail ahead

Give a Monthly Gift

Any amount

Sign up for monthly donations to support Trails all year long.

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