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Join the Trails family and make a difference.

Together, your generosity can change lives.

"Do what you can and then do a little more... Because it all makes a difference. You make a difference."
~ Jim "Hurst" Hayhurst, Trails Co-Founder

Thank you for your interest in Trails Youth Initiatives. From the beginning, nearly 30 years ago, one of our key factors to success has been to have a big impact on a few, rather than a small impact on many. We invite you to be part of that impact.

From physical and mental well-being, to goal setting, leadership and communication skills, Trails is teaching skills that enhance the lives of our participants, their families and the greater community. Youth are setting and reaching new goals – goals that include graduating from high school, enrolling in post-secondary education and obtaining meaningful employment. They emerge from Trails as involved and connected members of the community.


Trails Participant

“Trails has really helped me with my emotional well-being, because before I started Trails it was really hard for me to express myself which also started to cause anxiety. Trails has taught me how to communicate with others by making us work together and do activities that help express and understand ourselves.”