Annual & Financial Reports

Trails is committed to providing transparency and accountability to our donors and supporters. 

At Trails, every gift counts. No matter the size of your contribution, your generosity allows us to make long-term commitments to the kids who need it most. 

In 2017, Trails began the ambitious work to double the number of vulnerable youth we serve, thus doubling the impact.

By 2026, expansion will be complete with 176 kids enrolled in the four-year program and over 100 youth benefitting from the alumni program. 

Four Seasons, Four Years Program: Direct Beneficieries108128148156168
For Life Program: Direct Beneficiaries5450646088
Indirect Beneficiaries7507158508651025
Operating Budget1,118,720$1,280,7231,147,2201,455,4411,553,618

Trails is a registered charity and raises the majority of its funds through fundraising efforts and donations from corporations, foundations and individuals. Trails has never sought nor accepted government funding.