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Welcome to the Trails Alumni Association! As a Four Seasons, Four Years, For Life Program graduate, you are now officially a Trails Alumni, part of the For Life Program. The Alumni Association is committed to supporting Trails Alumni to ensure that the Trails impact transcends beyond Four Seasons, Four Years, and is maintained For Life.

FOR LIFE VISION: As part of the Trails Family, all alumni are aware of the resources and opportunities within the FOR LIFE Program. When an alumni opts-in, within program capacity, Trails’ supports their efforts to overcome their challenges, reach their goals and live the Mission of Trails. 

Helping to maintain the impact of Trails, the Alumni Association offers a network of connections and possibilities through information and updates about programming, events, resources, and annual alumni communications. The Alumni Association is where to look if you want to reconnect with Trails and explore giving back through volunteering! We are thrilled to have alumni contributing to Trails as Program Facilitators, full-time staff and on our Board of Directors.

Current Alumni Association opportunities include: 5th year Leader-in-Training (LIT) and 6th year Facilitator-in-Training (FIT) programs; the AIM (Alumni in Mentorship) Program; the Trails Danielle Dion Bursary; and FORward Resources.

Are there ways you would like to get involved as a Trails Alumni? Continuing towards fulfilling the mission of becoming a contributing member of the community can look different for everyone, and we would love to hear from you if you have ideas or questions about getting involved!


Click HERE, to read more about the For Life Vision and the Trails Family Philosophy in a letter from Erin McLean, our Director of Alumni and Volunteer Engagement.

What Trails can offer you?

  • Meaningful volunteer opportunities
  • Bursary programs and resources
  • Participation in mentorship
  • Career connections and networking opportunities
  • Paid internships
  • References
  • A chance to connect with past peers
  • Social events and fundraising opportunities

For questions, contact Erin McLean, Director of Alumni and Volunteer Engagement,

Stay tuned for new programming and updates!
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Assistance Fund

The Trails Assistance Fund is designated to support ‘Trailers’ who require funding in times of crisis or to access resources that otherwise could not be afforded. 

Funds may be provided towards costs for resources that will contribute to the mental, emotional and physical well-being of the alumni to relieve financial stress on their family. Resources might include: tutoring, counselling or other support networks, groceries, rent, sports clubs, certificates or awards, computers, etc. Designation of the term of funding will depend on need and can be in the form of a lump sum (e.g. pay for certificate), or over a period of 1-6 months (e.g. counseling). Recipients may be eligible for multi-year funding.


Hurst Legacy Award

The Hurst Legacy Award was founded in 2019 to honour the incredible work of our founder, Jim “Hurst” Hayhurst. While he passed away in early 2020, his legacy lives on in the Trails Alumni who are benefiting from his vision to create Trails nearly 30 years ago. Presented annually to a Trails Alumni who consistently lives the Trails mission, this award proves that we all have the capacity and the responsibility to give back, no matter what your age, background or abilities.

Click here to read about Fati Stanley, the 2022 Hurst Legacy Award Recipient.

Recipients of the

Hurst Legacy Award

Truzaar Dordi, 2021 Recipient
PhD Candidate, University of Waterloo

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2020 hurst recipient

Micah Nelson, 2020 Recipient
Owner, Balance First Workshops

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2019 hurst recipient

Warren Clarke, 2019 Recipient
PhD, Associate Professor, University of Manitoba

Read Warren’s Story