AIM (Alumni in Mentorship)

Mentorship Works

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Compared to non-mentored youth who face adversities:

  • 17% more likely to be gainfully employed
  • 13% earn more on average in their jobs
  • 98% believe they make good life choices

A key pillar in Vision 2023 is to increase the value and impact of the For Life program by providing more holistic support to a greater number of people. We want our Alumni to experience privilege by providing equal opportunities to education and professional connections. By deeply impacting one life at a time, we see the multiplier effect across generations and are helping break the cycle of poverty and systemic racism.

Over the next five years, we will support 5X as many Alumni, from 35 to 165, in two areas of For Life: AIM, and Trails Danielle Dion Bursary. The combination of helping alumni further their education and find a career will ensure success as adults and contributing members of the community.


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Words from our Mentors and Mentees


“Thanks to Trails and my AIM mentor, I feel like I’m ahead of a lot of people. I’m more knowledgeable as I enter my future after high school.”

~Jonathan Cater, Trails Alumni and AIM Mentee

Jonathan Cater Testimonial
Fatih Stanley Testimonial


“Mentorship has granted me the opportunity to share the lessons and experiences of life thus far.”

~Fatih Stanley, Trails Alumni (graduated 2001), AIM Mentor


“I have been blessed to learn from my mentee. I have learned that active listening and empathy can be more valuable in mentorship than trying to solve others’ problems.”

~ Nikée (AIM Mentor)

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