Participants Portal

Welcome Back to Trails!

We at Trails take your health and that of our staff and volunteers seriously, our policy covers all the safety measures we have in place.

Click here for our Covid-19 Summer Policy

Please return the following to Trails by May 1st:

  1. Medical Intake Form – returning participants 2020-2021 Ensure up-to-date medical and dietary information is listed.
  2. Religious Accommodation Request Form
  3. 2-Way Consent to Release Information Form: If your child attends a TDSB school, please sign the completed form and/or amend. All provided information is private and confidential. It is used for educational planning and coordination with participants’ schools.
  4. Participant Dismissal Form: Ensure up-to-date information for pick-up is included
  5. Participant Fee: The $100 fee for your child is the only financial commitment we ask of you throughout the year that goes towards the donor-funded annual cost of $8,000 per child. Cheques can be made payable to Trails Youth Initiatives. Cash or interact transfers to will also be accepted.