FORward Resources

FORward Resources is the newest pillar in Trails’ For Life Program, established with the goal of providing Alumni with programs, resources and opportunities that will help them further their journey towards community contribution, whatever that may look like. Whether it is help, guidance or information pertaining to employment, financial literacy or the desire to reconnect with Trails and give back, FORward Resources is where to look. It is exciting because Alumni can both access a resource should they need it, or act as a resource for others.  Be sure to stay tuned for updates and resources as this pillar and partnerships that support it continues to grow towards building For Life possibilities!

  • As the For Life Program and FORward Resources continue to grow, so do Trails partnerships. Our partnership with TEKsystems was established in 2021 and brings substantial impact to our organization and our Alumni. Involved in numerous areas of the For Life Program, we look forward to continued engagement from TEKsystems and their support in the area of employment skills and resources!

    TEKsystems Impact Day – June 2022

Stay tuned for more FORward Resources updates and opportunities!