FORward Resources

FORward Resources is the pillar of Trails’ For Life Program with the goal of providing alumni with programs, resources and opportunities that will help you further your journey towards community contribution, whatever that may look like.

Exciting opportunities are available within FORward Resources for alumni to access resources should they need them or act as a resource for others. Whether it is guidance or information pertaining to employment and career decisions, or support and assistance with targeted goals, or challenging transitions, FORward Resources has programs to support through our two program streams:



Career Connections is a program designed to align the power of the Trails network with participants and alumni looking to:

  • Access support for resume building, interview practice or LinkedIn training
  • Set up a Discovery Call – best explained as an exploratory conversation, these calls are set up with Professionals in a certain sector, business, or role, and our participant/alumni then have the opportunity to chat with these individuals about their experiences to help determine decisions for their own future plans
  • Have help securing a co-op or internship placement
  • Secure a job in their desired field



Available to Trails participants or alumni, CARe stands for “Community and Alumni Resources” in Mentorship. The recipients of mentorship in CARe, or the Mentees, are Trails alumni of any age, and the goal of the program is to offer connection and support when navigating or overcoming some of life’s challenging circumstances or to offer some support toward a specific goal or transition. CARe Mentors may also be Trails alumni or, in some cases, community volunteers engaged through the greater Trails network.

If you are interested in learning more about how a CARe Relationship might benefit you, please contact Erin at


Be sure to stay tuned for updates and resources as this pillar and partnerships that support it continues to grow towards building For Life possibilities!