Trails Danielle Dion Bursary

Trails Danielle Dion Bursary for Post Secondary School

Established in 2000, Trails Bursary has contributed over $2 million to hundreds of alumni. Trails is pleased to provide bursary support to eligible alumni who are attending college or university, as well as those looking to begin trades programs or those who are working to achieve certificates and micro-credentials to further their career goals.

Supporting an average of 40 alumni each year, the opportunity to benefit from mentorship and year-round funding is available (includes fall, winter and summer eligibility window).

Beyond the impact of financial support, recipients receive collaborative mentorship throughout the school year. With a focus on the transitionary nature of post-secondary school, mentorship allows alumni recipients the opportunity to review transcripts, discuss budgetary and course decisions, reflect on goals and success, as well as share about challenges they may be facing.


Words from our recipients


“Through the generosity of Trails, I was able to receive support even after I graduated from the program. Mentorship helped me to mature and develop life skills and the Bursary from Trails allowed me to alleviate the financial burden of university, which meant I could spend more time focusing on my studies and being an active member of my community. I joined school cubs, volunteered and also became a mentor at Trails. I will be forever grateful for all that Trails and the Bursary have done for me.”

Lataveah C. Trails Alumnus,
Timberwolves, 2011-2015


Continued Support

How can we help?

Congratulations to all of our 2023 post-secondary school graduates! Whether you are off to a new academic pursuit come September, starting your professional career, or looking ahead to another change, there might be a way that Trails can offer support! If you have any questions about opportunities or resources within the For Life program, please reach out to Erin at