Before I started Trails, I was bored at home. I had nothing to do because I wasn’t allowed outside. Because of Trails, I had something to look forward to every week day. It was fun and exciting to do

What I’ve learned about leadership is that it does not matter who you are, you can still be a leader. Before I started Trails I was very emotionally sad. Because of Trails I am not longer emotionally sad sitting at home doing nothing

Trails has taught me to be inclusive and see the value in all humans. I learned survival skills like how to build a tent and make a fire. I was never the outdoors type but now I really do like being out in nature. Trails gives me an opportunity to be away from my television and laziness. I now know how to be supportive and encourage my friends in activities and knowing the importance of sportsmanship over winning. 

I value Trails because there’s a lot of useful information I learned such as camping skills, how to cook, teamwork and leadership. I know I am not done learning what Trails has to offer and I want to continue growing. By completing this program, I know it will help me grow into a man with valuable skills. Trails also motivates me for University and that it is possible for me. It’s nice knowing that my education is supported and that there is nothing that can stop me from attending University. Since I have been in Trails, my family has been even more proud of me and excited to see me succeed. Trails gives me hope of becoming the person I was meant to be. When I grow up I want to become an engineer and I know that the skills and support I get from Trails will help me get there.

I will try to stay in Trails for the 5th year and be a role model for the younger kids. I will continue to volunteer in my community centre to give back to my community. I learned the skills to better behave myself at home and to watch the way I speak to others. I am better at communicating my feelings and I want to be an example of how a mature adult would act.

My experience at Trails was amazing! I learned to do many things. I also built so many bonds with people that I can now call family and I love each and every one of the participants and staff in different ways. Now that it is my last year at Trails, I want to leave my mark behind and make a difference on the new years to come to Trails by becoming an LIT to make an impact on the younger years and show them right from wrong.

Before I started Trails, I was very closed off and shy. I wouldn’t talk to anyone unless I had to and I would just stay in my own space/world. Because of Trails, I learned how to let people in and started talking more outside of Trails. I also learned how to share my thoughts/ideas instead of keeping them all to myself. It’s honestly hard to think of my old self and where I would be without Trails. I’m so thankful for Trails for pushing me to better myself

Before I started Trails, I was not confident and was very shy. I lacked the confidence to stand up for myself and say what was on my mind. Because of Trails, I was able to develop more self-confidence in myself and overcame my shyness that I had in Year 1.