Nikée Allen


Through the Trails Youth Initiatives bursary program, I was given the opportunity to leave my childhood home and pursue higher education, which has in turn increased my occupational opportunities, as well as opened my eyes to the diverse world of perspectives that exist outside of my own. It was through Trails Youth Initiatives that I first witnessed real generosity; being educated, included and championed, with the sole intention of brightening my future so that I could one day pay it forward and brighten someone else’s. Through this generosity I have learned what it truly means to be part of a community – to support and be supported unequivocally.

Because of Trails’ support, I have been able to acquire the knowledge and experience to mentor others and have been able to put these qualities into action through my mentorship of younger Trails graduates and family members, as well as my advocacy for student rights through the Ryerson University Psychology Students’ Association.