Launching Summer Adventures!

Be part of the summer experience for 135 youth at Trails!

Here’s how you can help today:

Meal Trip Packs
$15 each
Nalgene Water Bottles
$25 each
$40 each
Gear Kits (shoes, rain gear, bug net, socks, hat, t-shirt)
$85 each
Trip Packs (Gear Kit + Paddle + 5x Meal Packs)
$200 each
$3,500 each

This year, you can also choose to make a gift to support a Changemaker at Trails. This group of 35 inspiring and dynamic part-time facilitators make all the difference in our program, and in the lives of our participants. For $2,500 you can support a Changemaker for the duration of a 2-week session, including training, learning, team-building, gear and program delivery.

Your gift today – of any amount – will go to work immediately helping purchase essential gear, invest in our Changemakers and provide much-needed support for Trails, both for this summer and the seasons and years to come.

Another vital way to provide support right now, and all year long, is to join our monthly giving program.

We'd love to hear from you!

Share your favourite memory of summer camp or a Changemaker in your life.

    Meet our Changemakers

    6 people who are making a difference and changing lives at Trails