Programme Overview

Programme Overview

Programme Objectives

Our goal is to instill practical skills, relevant knowledge, and the self-confidence to use them. Trails strives for lasting improvements in:

  • Social Competencies

    Creative self-expression, reflective journaling, understanding personal boundaries, conflict resolution, communication skills, cooperative teamwork, leadership, and mentorship.

  • Emotional Competencies

    Self-awareness, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-regulation, and coping skills during crisis time.

  • Physical and Mental Health

    Physical and outdoor skills development, environmental stewardship, healthy risk taking, reduced anxiety, and reduced use of narcotics and alcohol.

  • Academic Performance and Employability

    Responsibility for and commitment to education, effective problem solving, and employability skills.


Programme scaffolding is a core concept in which each element is based on previous learnings.

Year 1 - Trust

Participants arrive nervous and curious, and are introduced to the “Trails Way”:

  • Experiential, outdoor, adventure-based learning
  • Learning through the outdoors, not just learning about the outdoors
  • The importance and development of trust with peers, staff, and themselves

Year 2 - Self Confidence

Kids are impelled into more intense challenges and experiences.

  • Increased awareness and knowledge of the impact of personal actions
  • Skills such as self-regulation, time management, and self-efficacy
  • Growth as a community through feedback and support

Year 3 - Consistency

Teaching relevant skills and building relevant knowledge.

  • Communication, teamwork, and behavioural interventions
  • Leadership roles such as being ‘Leader of the Day’
  • Co-facilitation of programming and group meetings

Year 4 - Commitment

After 4 years of consistent scaffolding, participants graduate with the Roots and Wings that enable them to become contributing members of the community.

  • Development of healthy living skills, and social and emotional literacy
  • Deeper commitment to themselves and their communities
  • Ability to transfer their learnings beyond themselves

Year 5 - Contribution - Leader In Training (LIT)

With their increased skills, knowledge and confidence, their horizons expand.

  • Utilizing skills, knowledge and confidence to take on leadership
  • Stimulated interest in community contribution

Year 6 - Engagement: Facilitator in Training (FIT)

Paid intern position at Trails.

  • Interested and capable of creating change
  • Development of job skills, leadership, and commitment


Graduates of the Trails programme are further supported with mentorship during their Grade 11 and 12 years and into post-secondary. They have access to bursaries which provide financial assistance for post-secondary education which cover tuition costs. We also offer paid internships at Trails and Scotiabank - Wealth Management Business Solutions.

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