Programme Overview

Programme Overview


We all have an internal compass, a built-in indicator for providing direction in life. Trails is a programme where we approach life, goals, ambitions and dreams as a journey that unfolds through adolescence and into adulthood.

We are a safe harbor to explore real-life issues and to learn real-life skills by allowing youth the freedom to wander and explore. With the presence, guidance and support of staff and peers, youth are empowered to self-correct their path, to re-evaluate their behaviors, their thoughts, and their actions. Trails is a map into unchartered territory with the aim of creating direction in a sustainable way.


Our mission is to challenge and equip vulnerable girls and boys from at-risk areas of Toronto to become contributing members of their communities.

Our goal is to have a big impact on a few, rather than a little impact on many.


Trails is not a boot camp for troubled teens. Instead, Trails focuses on creating lasting change by taking a longitudinal approach. The Trails model focuses on giving youth everything from “roots”, a foundation of core skills, to “wings” helping them to expand their horizons and "fly",  to be the best they can be, as contributing members of their communities.

At our 143-acre facility, we offer our youth a wide variety of outdoor activities such as; skating, yoga, canoeing, swimming, snowshoeing and high ropes. With a main lodge, residential cabins, three lakes, many kilometers of hiking trails plus campsites and playing fields, our rural Newmarket location provides these inner-city youth the chance to get away and be who they should become. On top of this, we hold community meetings, fitness and personal wellness classes and workshops that teach these youth useful skills like interviewing and resume writing.