Personal Donations

To make a personal donation to the Trails programme, use our donation page.

Thank you! Your gift will significantly contribute to the overall programme and impact the lives of many youth.

How Your Donation is Used

We hope you will consider investing in Trails to help our kids succeed, pay it forward and lead by example, so that they, as well as those they inspire, will have a chance at a successful and meaningful future.

With the support of our donors, all of our programmes are subsidized, minimizing the cost to our participants. We only ask families to contribute $100 per year.

See the cost per youth document for more details.

Your gift provides:

  • Year-round access to support
  • Over 100 home-cooked meals
  • Camping trips
  • Field trips
  • Access to computers for homework
  • Additional clothing
  • Transportation to and from Trails
  • A “home away from home” in our residential cabins
  • Mentorship
  • Access to bursary programme
  • Paid intern positions

To learn more about the need for your support at Trails, please read our Youth Investment Proposal.

Donate Stocks and Securities

Donations of publicly listed stocks, shares or securities are an efficient and cost-effective way to help Trails support vulnerable youth.


  1. Contact your broker to initiate the transfer of shares
  2. Download and complete the Charitable Donation of Securities in Kind transfer form
  3. Send the transfer form to


When you make a donation of stocks and shares directly to Trails Youth Initiatives, your taxable gains are eliminated.  Trails will issue a charitable tax receipt to you for the total value of the gift transferred. There are multiple options – you can donate stocks, bonds and units of mutual funds. If you leave shares, stocks or securities to Trails through your will, your estate will receive the same tax benefits.

Other Ways to Give

Host a Birthday Party with ECHOage

ECHOage is a Birthday Party service that lets your guests contribute to a gift and charity chosen by you.

Include Trails in your Will

By leaving a legacy gift to Trails, you can continue to support our work, build stronger communities and inspire hope in your lifetime and beyond.

Plan Your Own Event

Host a third-party fundraising event in benefit of Trails.