Trails' "Four Seasons, Four Years, For Life" outdoor program builds confidence through skill development, high school credits, bursaries and mentorship. Our mission is to challenge and equip vulnerable youth to become contributing members of the community. Our vision is to break the cycle of poverty.

Youth from Toronto's high risk areas have multiple barriers to success, including being 3 times more likely to drop out of highschool. Trails provides life-long, consistent programming for vulnerable youth to remove these barriers. 100% of our youth graduate high school, 100% give back to the community, 72% go on to post-secondary school.

Founded in 1992, Trails has over 500 graduates. We are directly impacting 148 currently enrolled particpants and indirectly impacting over 500 community members. Trails fundraises $1.3 million annually (all through private fundraising) to invest in our leaders of tomorrow. 

We foster community, emotional intelligence, and self-knowledge through outdoor experiential education. We focus on growing skills such as conflict resolution, leadership, critical thinking, and reflection. With our focus on transference, participants build a positive engagement with Trails, the outdoors, and their authentic selves. Through equal parts challenge and opportunity, Trails doesn’t aim to just make a difference, we change lives.

Recognized as Top Charity in Canada

Published by Maclean's, Trails ranked 2nd in the youth category and 4th overall of Canada's Best Charities. The Canada's Best Charities 2020 list helps Canadians evaluate where to allocate charity contributions. Our inclusion on this highly respected list validates Trails impact with a 95% grade. The Charity Intelligence assessment investigates financial metrics and transparency, rewarding those with the most effective use of donations.


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Through a longitudinal approach, Trails focuses on creating lasting change in youths.


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Our participants come from a variety of diverse and multicultural backgrounds in Toronto.


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