Caitlin O'Doherty

I’ve finally had the opportunity to participate in many new, exciting experiences that I probably wouldn’t have without the Trails programme. Since coming to Trails, I’ve overcome my trust issue and hate for people in general. During my time at Trails, I’ve met some great friends that really care for me. It’s been a really long time since I’ve felt this worthwhile. I’ve built many new skills and friends here at Trails. It just feels so nice to know so many people care for you.

Caitlin O'Doherty, Year 1 Participant

Andre Brown

Thanks to your contribution, I am able to sleep in bunk beds and get boots or gloves if I am in need. During the time I’ve been at Trails, one of the challenges I have overcome is doing my solo, swimming in the lake and skating. At Trails, I have learned to become a leader, respecting others and their needs. What I like about the staff is that they’re fun to talk to and hang out with. Personally, what I like about Trails is that it’s fun and it helps to learn more about yourself and your peers.

Andre Brown, Year 2 Participant

Jonathan Cater

I am able to experience, learn and accomplish new goals and challenges, and have fun. I’m able to make new friends and create new bonds. At Trails, I’ve learned how to properly deal with conflicts and how to deal with problems effectively. This is important because we deal with conflicts all the time. Thank you for giving the opportunity to let people have a positive space outside of home and allows people to have fun and feel safe.

Jonathan Cater, Year 3 Participant

Latoya Reid

Being at Trails has created opportunities for me to expand my communication skills, my problem solving skills, and my leadership skills during the four years at Trails. Before I came to Trails, I was down a path of trouble – I was irresponsible, unapologetic, and deviant. I listened to respond, not to understand. That all changed when I started to attend Trails. I was challenged in many ways such as camping, high ropes, swimming, problematic situations and using “I-statements”. I had positive people supporting me to do better and with these people and staff, I have grown into the person I’ve become today.

Latoya Reid, Year 4 Participant


Micah Nelson

Trails challenged me by taking me out of my comfort zone and pushing me to my edge in order to grow. I experienced things that I would never have experienced otherwise. I was a bit shy but I was forced to step up and take leadership roles within my group and with the younger kids as a LIT. I experienced things such as challenging canoe trips, high ropes course, polar bear dips in a cold lake, completing my Bronze Medallion and hours of community service. Trails also challenged me by challenging my way of thinking and conditioning by expanding my mind and worldview.

Micah Nelson, Graduate 1997

Brooklyn Pena

Trails challenged me in ways that pushed me to be the person I am today. I acquired transferable skills throughout the program that has allowed me to grow in life. I was challenged on the water, on high ropes courses, as a leader, as an individual.

Brooklyn Pena, Graduated

David Nguyen

Trails made me reflect deeply within myself to discover my strengths and weaknesses.

David Nguyen, Graduated 2017, Student

Ally Mac Menamin

Trails challenged me not only physically but mentally. It challenged me to be vulnerable and made me realize the person I wanted to be.

Ally Mac Menamin, Graduated

Community Members

Christine Cater

Trails has become our children's second family. It has taught them confidence to face life's challenges and equipped them with the right tools to get through tough times. These experiences had an immeasurable impact on who my children are today and their future successes.

Christine Cater, Parent

Hong Lam

Trails has not only taught my children survival and outdoor educational skills; it provided an opportunity for my children to have one weekend a month to de-stress, to spend four years making friends. Many times I have needed the help of the mentors at trails to talk with my children.

Hong Lam, Parent

Mr. Hiren Patel

I recommend Trails to our students because of the chance to build their conflict-resolution skills and social/emotional skills and to be a part of a community that will nurture them to reach their full potential.

Mr. Hiren Patel, Teacher

Davey Rose

Trails has taught my children to be more confident in their everyday choices and decisions and to be equipped to not be influenced by peer pressure. It is a home away from home where they are safe, happy and comfortable.

Davey Rose, Parent